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If you are ready to move on from your current vehicle, Kia of Mankato is the place to trade or sell!

Used cars are especially in high demand right now, and you can receive top dollar for your car, crossover, SUV, truck or van. We bring you our best offer on your current vehicle and can help you explore all of your options with a wide variety of inventory and available lending options if you are looking to replace it.

If you would rather sell your vehicle outright, Kia of Mankato needs your car for our used car inventory. Why sell privately when our staff makes the process easy, fast and fair. Our friendly staff will gladly assist you in your current vehicle valuation and give you an immediate offer that is competitive so you can go home with cash in your pocket.

Ready to start the process immediately? We have made the process even easier with our online appraisal form! Please fill out the form below with all of the information we need to evaluate your vehicle and give you the best price offer for the current market. Don’t forget to provide any necessary details, such as damage to the vehicle, mileage, and other items we would need to make our evaluation.

If you have any questions or would like an on-site evaluation by our certified, expert personnel, you can make an appointment, or simply stop by our dealership with the vehicle. Once we receive your information from this form, one of our staff will be back with you to discuss your options, our offer, and get you back on the road with cash or a new car! All offers are obligation-free!