What makes KIA so special?

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How does KIA stand out from the crowd?

Consumers know that there are plenty of car brands to choose from these days. With so many different makes and models on the market, what puts KIA above the rest? It goes beyond their modern designs and affordable prices, but that’s not a bad place to start.


When you consider every KIA model’s style, safety, and reliability, the affordable price seems to stand out even more. KIA’s latest models are some of the most eye-catching vehicles on the road. These models are proof that you do not have to sacrifice looks and style for cost. Not only that, but the smooth drive and top-of-the-line safety features bring a true sense of satisfaction and peace of mind.


Another way that KIA slips ahead of the competition is with standard warranties. KIA of Mankato offers a 20-year/200,000-mile warranty. These warranties help consumers save money when it comes to repairs or maintenance. KIA drivers experience another level of peace of mind thanks to the 20-year/200,000-mile warranty.

2023 Black KIA Telluride


When you visit KIA of Mankato and take a look around, you’ll quickly realize the extensive variety that KIA has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a new electric vehicle, a spacious Telluride or Carnival, or anything in-between, KIA of Mankato will have exactly what you need. Each model comes with various trims and options to ensure that you find the vehicle that suits you best.


The variety that KIA has to offer doesn’t end with its extensive line of vehicles. Every KIA model comes equipped with a wide selection of features. Many of these features come standard. This way, drivers can experience technology, convenience, and comfort without having to pay extra.

See for yourself

Now that you know what sets KIA apart, head over to KIA of Mankato. At KIA of Mankato, you can experience these vehicles firsthand and find out which ones suit you best. Whether you’re a long-time KIA customer or looking for your first, the staff at KIA of Mankato will be with you every step of the way.


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